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Running in Fancy Dress | The Dos and Don’ts

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Hey you fabulous runner! Are you contemplating swapping your regular running gear for something a bit… flashier? Yep, we’re talking tutus, superhero capes, and maybe even the odd inflatable dinosaur costume. Let’s dive into the wacky world of fancy dress running, shall we?

Believe and Achieve | Running in fancy dress

Why Run in Fancy Dress?

First off, why not? Running is about enjoying the journey, and what’s more enjoyable than getting a few chuckles along the way? Running in fancy dress:

Brings Joy: To you and everyone watching! Ever seen a grumpy face when they spot a running banana? Didn’t think so.

Supports Causes: Many run in fancy dress to raise awareness and funds for important causes.

Breaks the Monotony: It adds a zesty twist to the usual routine. Nothing says ‘break the norm’ like sprinting in a superhero cape!

The Do’s of Running in Fancy Dress

Ah, the art of striking the perfect balance between fabulous and functional! When it comes to fancy dress running, a few pointers can make all the difference:

Do Plan Ahead: Don’t let the enthusiasm catch you unprepared. Lay out your costume a few days in advance and give it a whirl (perhaps a strut down your hallway).

Do Prioritise Comfort: It might sound repetitive, but trust us, a chafing costume can quickly turn your fun run into a…well, less fun run. Look for soft seams and stretchy materials.

Do Accessorize Thoughtfully: Those glittery crowns and wands look smashing, but ensure they’re secure and won’t be an annoyance halfway through your runs.

Do Embrace Themes: If there’s a theme to the run or a cause you’re championing, tailor your costume to match. It’s a great conversation starter and shows you’re in the spirit.

Do Buddy Up: Everything’s more fun with friends! Coordinating costumes or going as a group theme (like a bunch of running grapes) can be incredibly entertaining for both runners and spectators.

Remember, while looking dazzling is a big part of the appeal, the goal is to cross the finish line with a smile on your face (and preferably without any wardrobe malfunctions). Enjoy every whimsical step!

The Don’ts of Running in Fancy Dress

To keep things safe and fun, a few pointers:

Too Tight, Not Right: Make sure your costume isn’t going to rub or be too tight around your body. Your body is going to ache regardless after the race, let’s not add in more blisters if possible!

No Last-minute Costumes: Unless you’ve given it a trial run. Literally, have a quick jog around the block to ensure all is comfy. It’s the last-minute costumes that end up on the race track abandoned. 

Think of Others: Ensure your costume doesn’t obstruct or harm other runners. Those winged costumes are fantastic until they smack someone in the face.

What to Look for in Fancy Dress for Running

Sure, looking fabulous is the goal, but comfort? That’s key!

Breathability: Make sure the material isn’t too stifling. Sweating is a given, but let’s minimise the sauna effect.

Freedom of Movement: Your chicken costume might look clucking amazing, but can you move your arms freely? Test it out first to see what movement you have.

Visibility: Ensure you can see clearly if it’s a full-face costume, and others can see you.

Safety First: Avoid trailing bits that can cause trips or get caught.

Fancy Dress Fun Runs in Portsmouth

Portsmouth loves a fun runner (or ten)! Keep an eye out for:

Pieces of Eight & Bayside 10K – 

Our popular Pieces of Eight (8-mile race) and the new in aid of GAFIRS 10k at its brand new location at Stokes Bay, is on Sunday 1st October. A fantastic coastal route with a few twists and turns along the way but plenty of coastal and harbour views to keep you on track. Ideal for those looking to push their paces and those training for the Great South Run. Learn more!

Southsea Santa Runs 10k & 5k – 

The Santa Runs 2023 Southsea returns for another year, on Saturday 16th December. Run along the Southsea seafront and experience the festive joy of a Santa Run, all in aid of many local charities. FREE entry for all children 9yrs and under, to be with full paying adult. Learn more!

In conclusion, while speed is impressive, there’s something wildly commendable about someone huffing it to the finish line in a full-on gorilla suit. It’s about the heart (and perhaps a little bit of the hilarity). So, embrace the madness, support a cause, or just add a dash of whimsy to your run. Remember, life’s too short not to wear the costume. Go for it, and happy running!

Our events are open to everyone – whatever your fitness level and no matter what your age. Anyone can enter, so there’s no need to wait to be entered into a ballot. View our upcoming events or join our running community on Facebook to keep up to date with our latest news.