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Our Top Portsmouth Running Routes Recommendations

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Hey there, fellow runner! If you’re here, I bet you’re either a proud Portsmouth native or a keen traveller looking to stretch those legs while in our lovely corner of the UK. Either way, we’ve got you covered. So, lace up your running shoes, pump up that playlist, and let’s dive into some of the best Portsmouth running routes the city has to offer.

duathlon group of peopleWhat Makes Running in Portsmouth So Great?

Oh, where do we even start? Portsmouth is more than just a city; it’s a rhythmic dance of history, maritime wonder, and natural beauty. Running in Portsmouth feels like you’re tracing the pages of a vibrant storybook. With every stride, you’re greeted by the gentle lapping waves of the Solent, the proud masts of historic ships whispering tales of ancient maritime glory, and the spirited hellos of fellow runners. 

Plus, thanks to its coastal flat terrain, you get to enjoy uninterrupted runs without those pesky uphill battles. And let’s not forget about the vibrant running community here. They’re not just folks who run; they’re cheerleaders, friends, and sometimes impromptu running partners who’ll egg you on when your legs are shouting, “Not another step!”. Whether it’s a crisp winter morning or a balmy summer evening, Portsmouth running routes offer a backdrop that few places can rival. Running here isn’t just exercise, it’s an experience.

Our Top Distance Runs In Portsmouth 

Alright, pace yourself – it’s about to get real:

The Spice Island Saunter – Short distance: 

Starting at Gunwharf Quays, head around Old Portsmouth, taking in the sights of the Spinnaker Tower, the Hotwalls Studios, and the Square Tower. It’s a feast for the eyes as well as the legs!

Milton Common Run – Medium distance: 

This route is serene, with the lovely lakes providing a calming backdrop. The occasional waterfowl crossing might just give you the chuckle you need during that mid-run lull.

Portsmouth Coastal Pathway – Long distance: 

Starting from Eastney and going all the way to Portchester, this pathway offers stunning views of the Solent, perfect for those longer, reflective runs. And hey, it’s flat, so it’s kind on the knees!

Upcoming Portsmouth Fun Runs

Nothing quite motivates like a fun event, right? These are right in the heart of Portsmouth too!

Extra Soggy Bottom Trialathon 2023 REVERSE – 

Our last Trialathon before the end of the season, is on Sunday 10th September. An ideal event for a beginner too, a relaxed and no-pressure event. Choose to Kayak or SUP! 

Run (5km), Bike (12km), Kayak/SUP (1km). Learn more!

Pieces of Eight & Bayside 10K – 

Our popular Pieces of Eight (8-mile race) and the new in aid of GAFIRS 10k at its brand new location at Stokes Bay, is on Sunday 1st October. A fantastic coastal route with a few twists and turns along the way but plenty of coastal and harbour views to keep you on track. Ideal for those looking to push their paces and those training for the Great South Run. Learn more!

Southsea Santa Runs 10k & 5k – 

The Santa Runs 2023 Southsea returns for another year, on Saturday 16th December. Run along the Southsea seafront and experience the festive joy of a Santa Run, all in aid of many local charities. FREE entry for all children 9yrs and under, to be with full paying adult. Learn more!

The Portsmouth Marathon

Last but definitely not least, the Portsmouth Coastal Waterside Marathon Events are THE events every Portsmouth runner aspires to. With the cool sea breeze, historic sights, and an unforgettable coastal pathway, it’s a marathon experience like no other. Whether you’re in it to break a record or just to say, “I did it!”, the Portsmouth Marathon welcomes all with open arms. 

Distances available for 2023, Full marathon on a revised and new and improved route. Festive half marathon for limited numbers only. Return of the 50k Ultra Distance. Learn more!

Training Tip: Remember, it’s always better to train with pals, especially for a marathon. So, team up, motivate each other, and remember to enjoy every step of the way!

Portsmouth Running Routes with Believe & Achieve

So, there you have it! Whether you’re taking your first steps or you’re a seasoned runner, Portsmouth has a little something for everyone. The reason that we started running these events was to help people like you, achieve their goals. Go on, get out there and conquer those routes – and remember to wave if you see a fellow runner from this community. Happy running! 

Our events are open to everyone – whatever your fitness level and no matter what your age. Anyone can enter, so there’s no need to wait to be entered into a ballot. View our upcoming events or join our running community on Facebook to keep up to date with our latest news.